Europe: Which Children Matter?

Every morning just before we wake – we are all the same.

Then, like the clothes we wear, our identities begin to fill in:

Boy, girl, man, woman, child, teen, adult, senior. Doctor, painter, driver, accountant, manager, teacher, student.French, American, Czech, Latino, British, African, Roma, European.


Imagine waking up one day and that moment of sameness does not fade.

Unaware of divisions, you start out on your way…
Everyone you meet is concerned with identity – “Who are we?”, Who are they?”

The film Europe: Which Children Matter?” explores a question that should not exist.

Walk a year in the shoes of some children in Europe who have been systematically blocked out of education, and who and seek to escape the marginalization that relegates them to a subclass within their own societies. Witness their triumphs as they break though biases and redefine the possible.

If the health and success of a society can be measured by the wellbeing of its most vulnerable minority, how are we doing?

You have only two options. One is, just hang in there, watch your child suffer and be ashamed, or…..  Give in.

“Are you going to send your 6 year old to be the guinea pig?”

Who are we?

Where are we going?

Europe: Which Children Matter?